Firefox Extensions That Rock The Author's World

…or at least the Author’s browsing capabilities.

Web Development Tools

Firebug – Web Development Evolved – The most useful development extension ever produced: helpful for finding bugs. Surprisingly. Web Developer – Resizes the indow, fills out forms and with keyboard shortcuts to display sites without their CSS & to the W3C Validator, it’s a favourite. Screengrab – For taking screencaps of websites. Web Shots – For when Screengrab’s gremlins start playing up.


After looking around for an online reader that was all singing, all dancing, the Author finally chose Google Reader but these make it more useful & pretty.

Google Reader Watcher – Displays a notification in the status bar when you have new items. Stylish (and it’s symbiotic partner site – Alters the stylesheet of any particular site. Many popular sites have been restyled and the sheet uploaded to the sistersite. Google Reader simple and clean – My preferred style. Google’s default is just too bland. Also of note: In Firefox preferences, there is an option to choose Google as your default RSSfeed reader instead of adding it to FF’s bookmarks. How helpful.


Twitterbar – For ease and usability, type to Twitter from your address bar.

Did I miss any essential extensions?

Addendum, 5th December ’9

A little update to this because it turns out we did miss a couple.

Colourzilla to pick up any colour in your browser &… MeasureIt which suprisingly measures elements on the page.