Luke Earl, Designer for Hire

I am a senior-level UX, UI, product, and service designer who loves to use research to solve problems in a methodical and timely manner

I'm also a business owner, games designer, layout artist, editor, writer and publisher who loves to make eccentric wonders to weird your world.

I really love spreadsheets (like this one I made to track crowdfunding projects), design systems, Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite.

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User Experience (UX) Designer

I've been a UX designer since 2013 after a decade of cutting my teeth as a front-end developer & web designer.

I carry out customer research and apply UX design rigour to inform business strategy while supporting my team and ensuring products & services are accessible for all.

Tabletop Games Designer & Publisher

I founded my own company, Æther Corp Ltd., in 2019 as a creative outlet for role-playing games (RPGs), board games, and other tabletop gaming products and have had five successful Kickstarter projects in that time.

Learnings, Makings & Thoughts

A patchwork of articles dating from 2019 back to 2009 that cover my time as a front-end web dev, visual designer, UX designer, tabletop gamer, and general maker of things.