Luke Earl, Designer for Hire

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  1. UX Strategy, Research & Design
  2. Tabletop Games Design & Publishing
  3. Visual Design
  4. Front-End Web Development

User Experience (UX) Designer

I currently head up a small UX team at Rentokil Initial bringing nearly 10 years of user experience design and over 20 years in web design to my role.

My aim is to inform business strategy through customer research & UX design rigour, support my team & their professional goals, and ensure products & services are accessible for all.

Tabletop Games Designer & Publisher

After a lifetime of playing board games and 7 years of designing them, I founded my own company, Æther Corp, in 2019 as a creative outlet for role-playing games, board games, and other tabletop gaming products.

Learnings, Makings & Thoughts

A patchwork of articles dating back to 2009 that cover my time as a front-end web dev, visual designer, UX designer, tabletop gamer, and general maker of things.