Designing a Better DM Screen

The screen was finished just in time for last night's game, the first in five months, and so I was able to test it at the table. Some good points (random encounter and weather tables) and some bad (tiny font size on weapon table and misjudged being able to read white on green).

Printer proofs of the screen

After some feedback from G+ I switched the random encounter table to 3d6 which worked really well and felt quite natural. Ended up using 2 of the 3d6 as weather and rolling again for encounter catalyst which worked neatly.

All in all I'm actually pretty happy with how it's come out, despite those minor issues, so now just need to rejig into a size that people will find useful.

Those sizes appear to be US letter and A4, both landscape and portrait. Should be easy enough, it's not like I started this back last summer.