Dice Fishing (A Mini Game)

In a recent Dolmenwood Hack game, the players were sent on a very dangerous mission to fish for the famed Longmire Squid. Since they were to be paid 10 coin per squid I needed a way for them to know how many squid they caught so came up with this little number based partially on the dice mechanics from Z!ARG!

Dice Fishing: Rules

Players can choose to fish with one of the three following combinations:

  1. 1 Net (d8 with advantage (roll twice, take highest roll))
  2. 1 Net + 1 Squid Pot (d8 + d4)
  3. 3 Squid Pots (3d4)

A number of squid (3d4) can be caught each round and the players throw their nets/pots out to see if they roll higher than the squid's roll.

Three rounds for an evening's fishing and ties favour the players.

Feel free to allow your players to affect the odds by means of ingenuity. They drive the fish into the net by making a noise? +1 to their roll. They cast Sleep on the murky shoal? +2, etc.

Highest potential earnings

  1. 1 Net: 480 coin
  2. 1 Net + 1 Pot: 720 coin
  3. 3 Pots: 1,080 coin

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