CSS3 compatibility (without the hacks)

ALA’s latest issue (Issue 308) covers the risks involved with using CSS3 & HTML5 in this day and age where browser support for the new technologies is not quite as good as it could be.

In the article Stop forking with CSS3, Kevin Cornell has come up with a javascript engine which will allow you to use the CSS3 code you should be using (eg. border-radius:0px 5px; &c.) and reduce your future workload.

So do away with browser specific tag (moz, webkit, kthml, o &c.) and get yourself using the eCSStender javascript which does the work for you. You’ll thank yourself in years to come when you otherwise would have had to go back through all your stylesheets and delete the now-unnecessary extra CSS.

Trust me, I remember about a decade ago when I had to change over all my designs from tables to divs to keep up with the Jones’. It ain’t pretty, it ain’t fun & it ain’t cricket.