Getting Apple's Magic Mouse to scroll on Windows 7

It’s annoying for a while but with a little perseverance, you too can get Apple’s Magic Mouseto work in Windows 7 by following these steps:

  1. acquire a Magic Mouse
  2. acquire a Bluetooth dongle (if your PC is missing Bluetooth)
  3. install Bluetooth dongle
  4. turn on Magic Mouse
  5. either:
    • click the Bluetooth logo in the system tray and select ‘Add a device’
    • or, Control Panel > Devices > Add device
  6. when the mouse shows up click it to pair with your computer (code will be 0000)

You should now have your new mouse moving and clicking but lacking either horizontal or vertical scrolling. For that you’ll need to do a little bit more.

  1. download the Apple Bluetooth Driver 1.0 for Windows and use WinRAR(or something similar) to extract the files.
  2. install the file AppleWirelessMouse.exe or AppleWirelessMouse64.exe depending on if you’re running 32bit or 64bit Windows.

You should now have scrolling working too. The sensitivity will be probably need to be adjusted so go to Control Panel > Mouse and choose your options. I set my vertical/horizontal scrolling to 2.

The process should roughly be the same for XP though I couldn’t get the scrolling working running WinXP SP2.

O’, and one final note about waking your mouse up in the morning: turn it on using it’s power button then hold a left click for a little while ‘til you can start moving it around.