Updated CSS/HTML test page

This is an updated version of the Test page I put up a while ago. Style it how you will... There is also a handy text file with the HTML test page code available to download.

H1: Test page

h2: text formatting

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, and start with some bold text & some strong text to follow. Why not add some italicised text for added emphasis?

Whilst an AD is undoubtedly useful in certain circumstances, one must never lose sight of little fluffy kittens. However since strikeout has been depreciated, the del element might be more appropriate. Since I always appropriate the appriate measures such as defining a citation, I generally find that the odd Line Break to be slightly frowned upon.

A blockquote is employed now to show that one can quote something, even if it is just a link to example.com and gibberish augue dui, viverra non faucibus sit amet, dapibus et urna. Phasellus leo dolor, fringilla nec porttitor non, consectetur ac eros. Ut ut sapien vitae nunc facilisis sodales sed vitae ligula. Quisque posuere vulputate venenatis. Pellentesque in ipsum eget nisl condimentum vehicula.

...followed closely with...

a much smaller blockquote to check sizing

H3: pre and code

This is preformatted text       which       includes        some    rather  odd spacing

And this is a prargraph with the inline code element ( which also enjoys odd spacing) nestled firmly within it's clutches.

H4: Ordered, unordered and definition lists

  1. ordered list item
  2. nested item
    1. nested item
      1. nested item
        1. nested item
  3. and another item
H5: Intentional kitten™

This is an Intentional kittensome superscript, used for all kinds of testing purposes & some subscript!

H6: A table surrounded with a .table div (I find it generally helps)
table heading table heading table heading
table footer colspan 3
table cell rowspan 2 table cell table cell
table cell table cell
A horizontal rule

And finish with a fieldsetI use paragraphs to surround my label and inputs. Good for screen readers apparently.Text input label Select label kitten i kitten ii kitten iii kitten iv kitten v Textarea label

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