UX Deliverable Fidelity

Over the past five years I've been creating swathes of UX documentation, some of which had been read diligently by developers, some scanned by stakeholders, and others just fester in a forgotten folder somewhere.

When explaining what types of output we could be expected to produce to a junior designer, I jotted down this table to avoid wasting time on reports that no one read in favour of a more disposable record, like an email.

Level of detail Research Scamps Wireframes Prototype Design
I Spreadsheet Raw notes DOC/PAPER Raw video Post-itsScanned notes/photos Sketches PNG Paper printout or Digtial wireframes PDF/URL Sketches PDF/PNG
II Summary DOC/EMAIL +Recommendations + Links to raw data Sketches +Thought process DOC/EMAIL Digital wireframes PDF/URL Digital wireframes URL PDF orInspect element hack PNG
III Summary deck PDF + Recommendations +Appendices Digital wireframes +Summary doc Digital wireframes URL Digital wireframes URL PDF + Notes (can reuse from wireframes)
IV Full deck PDF + Appendices Full deck PDF + Reccomendations Wireframes URL + Annotated deck PDF Operational HTML/CSS prototype PDFs and style guide deck
Focus Data and recommendation Idea and exploration Exploration and definition Exploration and validation Exploration and communication

There's probably an infographic hiding somewhere in there.