Firebug Alternative in Safari, Chrome, IE, & Opera

When checking your site in browsers other than Firefox it can get ever-so-slightly frustrating when you can’t simply fire up Firebug to check what in the hell has just thrown you’re lovingly created site off-kilter.

You have a couple of options, add Firebug Lite to your bookmarks toolbar or try these browser-specific options:

  • Chrome is packed with it’s own Web Inspector. Just right-click and you’re away.
  • As is Safari (both being Webkit browsers) but [*ed.26-11-9:* if you’ve not upgraded to Safari 4 it’s] not switched on by default. Just add this: “defaults write «bundle-identifier-here» WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true” into a terminal and restart Safari. The Webkit wiki has a list of shortcuts.
  • Opera is packaged with it’s own Dragonfly
  • IE6/IE7 requires an install of the Internet Explorer Developer’s Toolbarwhich can then be switch on under View>Explorer Bar>IE Developer Toolbar
  • IE8 has inbuilt IE8 Developer Tools which can be started by hitting f12 or Tools>Developer Tools. Also has a useful IE7 browser mode to change to on a whim.

Which brings us to a close. Unless there’s anything else…